TUMBLR /////////

come say hi on my
brand new TUMBLR http://bentonpaul.tumblr.com/

Spotify ///////////

possibly the future of music?


new song clip #2 ///////////

writing a new tune inspired by my views of las vegas. this is just the bass line really, nothing complete. enjoy,


new shows up ////////

get tickets here before it sells out!

get tickets here before it sells out!


secret set //////

BENTON IS PERFORMING A SECRET SET AT VELOUR IN PROVO UTAH TONIGHT! come hear some unreleased songs and the stories behind them :) jj


sneak peak //////////

writing a new song, rough home demo idea, sneak peak


me /////////

making music, drinking cold drinks on the porch, seeing friends and family laugh, finding beauty in that which is different, tuning my piano, letting the light shine into my window, forgetting the past and moving forward, long conversations with those i love, erasing and correcting lyrics, finding my path.



CH 13 & FOX 5 /////////////

Hi Friends,

If you missed my performances on Channel 13 and Fox 5, here are the links:
Channel 13 Morning Blend
Fox 5 More Access