At the E //////////////////

Sound checking at the E Center, March 27th.

Meet the band. Brian Burke, Scott Reams, Joel Stevenett, and Mark Adkins.

Playing to the sold out crowd!

Chatting with David after my set. Generous gentleman.

Overwhelmingly wonderful line to sign my CD after the show.


Twitter ///////////////

after the many requests...
i decided to give into popular demand and jump on the twitter train.



Fatigued but Content /////////////

I quite enjoyed my jaunt to South By Southwest this year.
It's amazing how so many people wearing plaid shirts can be in one place at one time. Even more amazing was the amount of venues/bars/hotels/cafes/whatever-corner-you-can-set-a-couple-speakers-on were there! Music everywhere. An artist's dream. Or nightmare... I guess it depends how competitive you are.

I played at The Belmont on 6th street a couple nights ago... here are some pics thanks to Tara:

Happened to stumble upon and chat with a favorite musician of mine, Matt Hales from Aqualung, which was pretty unique.
Ate at Rudy's BBQ... hello!
And then flew home over some snowy mountains...
...whoops, wasn't supposed to have my cell phone turned on was I?
All in all, a well worth while trip to Austin, TX.


Landon Pigg //////////////////

For some reason, Landon's music has always had a strong impression on me. The production, the melodies, the vocals, the lyrics... it's wonderful.

I hadn't seen these music videos until today.
Here's "Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop"

And here's a link to watch "Can't Let Go," an all time favorite song of mine.