Gigs ////////////////

Last week I was in Las Vegas and St. George attending and playing shows.
I had a really unique experience playing for some kids who have had a rough past.
They were extra receptive. And the scenery was something to behold.

I took these pics from my cell phone.
Next week, I get to hang in LA for a few days for some co-writing, meetings, and a show. I'm playing an intimate, acoustic venue called Genghis Cohen at 10pm on May 6th. I've played there before and the room is hardly big enough for the sound board. Which is why it'll be cool. Almost like a private show. I haven't done those in a while.

This morning I received a cartoon drawing of myself... ha.

Thanks Stephanie, for the gift.

Don't forget to grab tickets at www.JimBand.com if you want to see me perform with my whole band in Portland, OR on May 23rd. It's gonna be a really fun show.
See you soon.