There and back ///////////////

Hello friends,

You know that point where you feel so busy, you don't want to do anything? That's where I am right now. It's like a car when it overheats or a computer when it freezes. Sometimes, it's just too much to handle... so I shut down and blog.

Welcome to my thoughts and ideas: I feel very fortunate to be in the music business. It's a fickle and corrupt business, yet it houses one of the most powerful and important things in my life -- music. I marvel at the fact that I can create a song, post it on the internet, and people from the Philippines can hear it, learn it, and cover it on YouTube. I'm fascinated how I can meet someone at a party, which leads to playing a show in LA, which then leads to meeting some of the biggest producers, performers, and label reps in the business! I love how everything ties together. Part of God's great plan? Possibly. Results of hard work and sleepless nights? Maybe. A bit of both? I like to think so.

I'm learning and growing every day as I plow through daily routines, quarrel over contracts, and write more music. I'm very excited to keep moving forward on my little adventure. I'm equally excited to take you with me. So follow me on Twitter! haha.