a day in the life ///////////

i'm working on a second record. it's a daunting task. i hear all kinds of melodies in my head. i'm not sure which i should release to the public. i listen to all genres of music, and i can write in many different styles, so it's a matter of picking and choosing what i want you to hear. it's a big game of risk. i don't mean the board game risk, i mean the high level of chance i will create and release something that you will enjoy whether it be unique, catchy, full of emotion, real, or inspiring; this is my goal.

release date for the new album? not yet. next tour? working some of that out now. what to eat for lunch today? i suggest jimmy johns #1 pepe.

there's a pleasant future waiting for all of us. i'm excited to be a part of this world, and grateful to have such good friends, family, and of course fans! until next time,